Gold Update

Below is my 16 March 2011 gold update, to give you an idea of my premium subscriber service. My gold updates are $10 per update.

If you are interested or would like to know more, you can contact me via email. I have just issued an update on gold and silver, today.

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Gold Update

16 March 2011

I trust that you are all well?

This is just a quick update on the gold market. The gold price has risen nicely since my last update.  Price movement has been consistent with the fractal predictions as per the 27 January 2011 update.

The purpose of this update is to highlight a possible interim bottom, as well as to forecast what is expected over the next +/- 30 trading days.

See the chart below:

The chart is really self-explanatory. The chart features a follow-up of the fractal presented in the 27 Jan 2011 update. I have marked points a, b and c to show the similarity of the two fractals. Also notice that point c on the first fractal was on day 33, from the bottom (at point b). It is interesting that the suggested point c on the second fractal is also on day 33. This is why I feel so strong that yesterday (day 33) was probably the bottom. If it goes lower, it should not be much lower, as well as only be a quick drop.

I expect gold to really start rallying tomorrow, and  should be at or close to the $1600 level, by at least the next 30 trading days. I also expect the gold miners to outperform bullion.

May God bless you.

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