Silver Premium Update (Silver Price Forecast) 19 March 2012

Silver Premium Update – Silver Price Forecast

By Hubert Moolman

19 March 2012

Silver has made its way out of the giant flag; however, it fell back again, lower than the upper boundary of the flag, as shown in the following chart:

Previously, I have stated that price will eventually break out of the flag and go on to make much higher highs. This is still my expectation, and here, I would like to present some more evidence for this view.

Where is silver going now?

Based on previous work on silver, gold, gold stocks and the Dow, I see a lot of similarities between now and the late 60s to early 70s (to 1973). Below, is an interesting comparison between the silver charts of then and now … : to continue, subscribe to my premium service


Silver relative to the Dow

It is important to understand the conditions that exist today in financial markets. I have explained these conditions in previous writings. We are currently facing conditions that are similar to that which existed during the Great Depression, but also during the 70s. Of particular importance, is the fact that we are at a point where the stock market is significantly overvalued as compared to real assets such as gold and silver.

Since 2001, there has been a correction in stock values, in real terms; however nominally, stocks are still significantly high (close to its all-time highs). I believe that this correction will continue; however, I expect the nominal values of stocks to decrease significantly over the next couple of years, while the nominal values of assets like gold and silver increase significantly.

In order for gold and silver to go into the mania phase… to continue, subscribe to my premium service

Hubert Moolman

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