gold bull marked

Gold Price Forecast 2019/2018: The Final Gold Bull Market Confirmation Is Very Close

We are getting very close to what I believe is the final confirmation of the coming multi-year gold bull market.


Gold Set To Rise While Debt-Based Assets Collapse

One of the biggest obstacles is the fact that unlike the 1983 scenario, we are currently right after a major interest rate bottom. This prospect of higher interest rates going forward, will act like a strong wind pushing gold higher, while keeping debt-based assets, like the Dow and bonds, down

Silver Measures Wealth While Gold Stocks Increase It

Silver Price Forecast and Gold Stocks Forecast 2017/2016 Silver is one of the goods with the most potential to rise in value over the remaining years of this decade. While silver increases in value, it will be increasingly difficult to add to one’s silver ounces. Below, is a chart (from that illustrates silver’s potential…