Gold Set To Rise While Debt-Based Assets Collapse

One of the biggest obstacles is the fact that unlike the 1983 scenario, we are currently right after a major interest rate bottom. This prospect of higher interest rates going forward, will act like a strong wind pushing gold higher, while keeping debt-based assets, like the Dow and bonds, down

Dow To Crash Soon?

Alternative Fractal on Dow Chart – this and the previous fractal suggest Dow to crash soon… For more on silver and gold see my latest premium update (Premium Service). For long-term guidance on gold and silver, see my Long-term Silver Fractal Report  & Long-term Gold Fractal Report  .

Silver Forecast Video: The Shift To Measuring Wealth In Ounces Instead Of Dollars

Video (Silver Forecast): The Shift To Measuring Wealth In Ounces Instead Of Dollars   For more of this kind of analysis on silver and gold, you are welcome to subscribe to my free silver and gold newsletter or premium service. I have also recently completed a fractal analysis report for gold and silver . Warm regards…

Silver Price Forecast And The Shift To Measuring Wealth In Gold Ounces Instead Of Dollars.

Silver Price Forecast: The debt-based monetary system creates an illusion of wealth. It allows for claims on real goods to significantly exceed the actual amount of real goods. You then have a number of people believing they have wealth, since they have claims (pieces of paper or tokens) showing that they have these real assets,…

Gold/Platinum Ratio And Economic Weakness… by Hubert Moolman

Most people are mainly concerned with what is going on right now and are less concerned with what happened yesterday, last week or last year. The further in the past an event or development, the less are we concerned about (or aware of) it, and the less is our understanding of it. This appears to…