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Do not be alarmed when you see on the checkout page. On PayPal page you can change language to English or one of your choice by choosing the relevant country, or change dk in address field of you browser to en.

I offer a premium service, which is a “pay per article” service, whereby, my latest issues can be obtained at a cost of $10.You can use the PayPal button above to buy 5 issues, where-after the latest updates will be sent to your email address, when they become available. I offer a money-back guarantee, should you not be happy with the premium service. I take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. I will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Client and Reader Testimonials

“Thanks Hubert. I’ve been a student of fractals and cycles for over

40 years and silver is my primary investment vehicle…so it’s a

natural to be interested in your work which is quite excellent.”


 “It’s always so reassuring to get your emails and know that the sell off is nearing an end.” MF

“Good morning Hubert,
As always your timing is impeccable.  By the time I see an email from you, I have come to learn that capitulation/panic selling is nearly over.  It’s amazing how you can do that!” Mary

“I love your work and your references.” TK

“I would like to continue receiving your updates, which I find fascinating.” KS

“Second article of yours that I now have read, and am delightfully impressed; to see a writer put things into perspective in relationship to the Word of God, is indeed refreshing, Thanks again!” JK

“A most informative article.  Well researched indeed.  One of the best I’ve read and I read them all.”John

You can contact  me via e-mail: to subscribe to just one issue, or for more information.

These updates cover: gold, silver, HUI, JSE gold and Dow individually, and include time-lines and targets.

I also produce a Long Term Fractal Report for gold, silver and gold miners. This report covers the long-term expectation for gold, with targets and timelines.  If you would like to order this report,you can email me. This report is a “must read” if you are a gold investor or speculator.

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