Rand and Rand Gold Price Update

The Rand gold price appears to be at, or very close to a major buy point. In a previous article, I highlighted a possible symmetrical triangle, which then, was an indication of much higher prices in the near and more distant future. This pattern is now setting up nicely, and performing all the technical confirmations…

Gold Update 28 July 2010

The month of July has been quite an uncomfortable month in the gold market. The gold price has dropped a whopping $80 since 30 June. Despite this big drop, the formidable uptrend in the gold price is still well intact. Therefore, I believe there is no need to panic. Before I look at where I…

Gold Action Today

8 June 2010 Below, I have posted two charts of gold. The intention is to make sense of current price action, as well as to forecast what might be expected going forward. First of all, I refer you to a previous article, where I argued how the current pattern in gold is similar to an…

How to Benefit from the Greatest Transfer of Wealth – Must Read

I believe that we have reached a time where the greatest wealth transfer in our lifetime as well as possibly in the history of this world is about to happen. Some people ask: “why the gloom and doom?” What they do not understand is the fact that this great transfer of wealth or collapse of the world’s monetary system (which they call gloom and doom) is inevitable due to past events.


If we wish to understand the 1970s (and subsequent American economic history), we must ask ourselves, what was the cause? Why did gold and oil advance so powerfully? Why did (consumer) prices go up faster than the money supply? Why did interest rates get into the mid-teens? (The prime rate in 1981 was reported as 20%; however, this was a false figure as the banks were trying to exaggerate. The actual high is best given by the T-bill rate, which hit 16% in May 1981.)