Silver Price Forecast 2014: Monetary Collapse and Silver’s Not So Orderly Rise

Silver Price Forecast 2014: Monetary Collapse and Silver’s Not So Orderly Rise We are about to see the end of our current international monetary system. Based on much of the evidence that I have written about previously, this appears to be a certainty. The systematic build-up of this current monetary order went together with the…

Silver Price Forecast: Silver Offers A Great Opportunity

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Silver Forecast: Silver Premium Update

Silver Forecast: Is Silver Outperforming The Gold Fractal? Below, is an extract of my Silver Premium Update for 25 January 2012: Since my last silver articles (here and here), the silver chart has been following the patterns, I have been tracking, quite nicely. Below is an updated version of the gold vs. silver fractal: I…

Silver Price Forecast And The Shift To Measuring Wealth In Gold Ounces Instead Of Dollars.

Silver Price Forecast: The debt-based monetary system creates an illusion of wealth. It allows for claims on real goods to significantly exceed the actual amount of real goods. You then have a number of people believing they have wealth, since they have claims (pieces of paper or tokens) showing that they have these real assets,…

Silver Price Forecast Video : Silver Is The ideal Asset For A Monetary Collapse

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