Silver Awaiting This Key Bull Market Signal

Silver Awaiting This Key Bull Market Signal

By Hubert Moolman

Although gold has successfully signaled its bull market, silver is yet to convincingly do so. It may be true that silver follows gold, but the two can diverge for quite some time. So, it is essential that silver gives us a clear bull market signal to confirm that the bull is real.

The following technique could provide a way to track silver until it provides that clear bull market signal.

Below, is a long-term silver chart:

On the chart, I have marked two patterns 1 to 5, to show how the current period is similar to the period circa 1983.

If the comparison to the 1980s pattern is justified, and the current pattern continues in a similar fashion, by breaking down at the red line, then silver will go continue in a long bear market. If the current fractal diverge from the 80s fractal by breaking out at the green line, then the bull market will resume with vigor.

This means silver has a lot of work to do. However, with the stock market near all-time highs, interest rates near all time lows, and trust in governments near all-time lows; the current economic and political conditions are perfect for silver to perform extremely well.

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