Gold Long-term Cycle

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Gold and the Debasement of Currency Con

Gold and the Debasement of Currency Con 29 April 2020 It is reasonably well known that many Roman emperors debased their currency (coinage). This was a very bad practice, since it is really a reflection of the debasement of the value of the kingdom (empire or country); going from a honest and just society to…

Bitcoin a Long-term View

Bitcoin is one of the assets that historically benefits enormously from central bank money printing. Right now central banks have gone crazy with pumping out cash to stimulate their dying economies.

Sustained Silver Rally Coming?

Silver is still in consolidation mode since early September, but it appears ready to rally over a sustained period of time. Below, is a chart of silver: On the chart there appears to have formed some fractals. The current one has also broken out at the black line recently (just after point C). As expected,…